Music Orange Library Online Tips #2 / by Music Orange

Here's a new tip for finding the perfect track on MOLO (Music Orange Library Online). MOLO is pretty intuitive already, but this can speed things up even more:

  • You can search MOLO by keywords, like 'friendly,' 'energetic,' 'piano,' 'rock'—almost anything. Use as many terms as you like and MOLO will narrow down its results to match your keywords.

  • You can also use quotes to search for phrases, like "electric piano", and the minus sign to exclude keywords from your search.

  • And MOLO is smart. Don't worry if you only see a few results at first; MOLO is learning how you search and will become more accurate as you use it—including on return visits. MOLO is listening.

Thanks for reading, and happy hunting for great tracks. If you need any help don't hesitate to contact us.

The Music Orange Team