We are first and foremost a custom music house, run by composers and producers
who get collaboration. Bring us your vision, and tell us about the mood, vibe, message, tone, and magic you’re trying to capture. And there’s no wrong way to serve it up. You can hit us with a mood, a genre, some reference tracks – heck, hum a few bars if you like – it’s ok, we’re in the trust tree. With two Grammy nominations, an Oscar nod, and an Emmy between us, it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about musical storytelling.



There’s also our extensive and easy-to-navigate Music Orange Library Online (MOLO), filled with ready-to-license original tracks. You can call us for a custom search, or just browse it yourself – we’re proud to have one of the easiest and most intuitive music libraries in the industry. Find exactly what you’re looking for, or get inspired by a new direction that wasn’t on your radar. And every track is customizable, so we can remix,  edit, and tweak right down to the last 16th note so it works perfectly with your project.



This is the sweet spot for many of our clients and the place where, modesty aside, Music Orange totally crushes it. Our entire library is customizable, because every track was produced by us, in this century. So you can select any of our original tracks, spanning 25 genres, and we’ll tweak it to feel like it was custom made for your project. Nearly anything – from pitch and tempo adjustments, to adding a harpsichord, to creating a whole new B section – is possible.


Music Orange is an Omnicom approved vendor for both original music and licensing.