Things We Like

Things We Like: JavaScript Emulator of the Legendary EMS Synthi Synthesizer by Music Orange


The EMS Synthi A was small portable synthesizer first built in the 1970’s and made famous by Brian Eno, Pink Floyd (think “Dark Side of the Moon”) and Jean-Michel Jarre. It’s most unusual feature is the matrix style patchbay which allows you to connect anything to almost anything else. Alex Nisnevich has built an incredible Synthi emulator completely in Javascript which you can play from your web browser. It’s a lot of fun and definitely worth checking out!

Things We Like: VinylHub by Music Orange


VinylHub is the largest database of brick-and-mortar record stores out there. You'll likely find some local shops that you didn't know existed, and it's a great resource if you'll be traveling to another city or country and want to do some record shopping while you're there. It also lists record events such record fairs, record parties, and record discounts. If you're a record collector it's a very valuable resource!

Things We Like: by Music Orange


Ryan Richardson of Austin, Texas has taken it upon himself to digitize the entire catalog of Rock Scene magazine (1973-1982) and we're glad he did. Rock scene was a music rag that was a little cooler than some of its contemporaries such as Hit Parader, Creem, and Circus. It featured short articles and numerous photographs of most of the early glam, rock, and punk bands of the period; David Bowie, Roxy Music, T. Rex, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Sex Pistols, KISS, etc. Check it out!