Things We Like: Fender Tune App / by Music Orange


There are a lot of good iOS tuners out there. Two we particularly like for ease of use and accuracy are the BOSS Tuner (free) and VITALtuner (free or paid). But the paid version of Fender Tune, available here, is our new go to tuner. It’s accurate, easy to use, includes alternate tunings, and has settings for guitars, bass, and ukulele. But the thing that makes it stand out is that you can store custom tunings. That’s huge since few apps that include alternate tunings allow you create custom ones. Take the tuning Nick Drake uses on several albums - CGCFCE. We’ve never seen that tuning included in a tuner app. With Fender Tune it’s not an issue. Just enter it in as a custom tuning and you’re ready to go. When you go to the tuning page you can click on the note names to play samples of each note. This is helpful to quickly get your guitar close to in tune. Then use the main tuning function for accurate, precise tuning. The paid version also includes a chord finder, scales, a metronome, some basic drum beats, and some helpful beginner videos.