Things We Like: Phenakistiscope Vinyl Records / by Music Orange


Of all the unusual gimmicks applied to vinyl records - from colored vinyl to locked grooves to records that randomly play different versions of a song - phenakistiscopes are among our favorites. A phenakistiscope is a rotating disc with images printed around its perimeter that appear to animate when viewed under a strobe light (the above phenakistiscope is Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) 2012 Remix). All you need is 1) a turntable, 2) a strobe light with adjustable speed or a vinyl strobe app such as VinylStrobe for iOS or Strobily for Android, and 3) a phenakistiscope disc or slip mat. A Google search for “phenakistiscope vinyl” or “zoetrope vinyl” will yield a ton of results, but be sure to check out the latest Sculpture record or the slip mats sold by TheFisherKingStore. For printable PDFs try Drew Tetz’s website.

Sculpture  Projected Music

Sculpture Projected Music

Sculpture  Music for Exposition Electro

Sculpture Music for Exposition Electro

Sculpture  Plastic Infinite

Sculpture Plastic Infinite