Check It Out: Bandcamp to Start a Vinyl Pressing Service by Music Orange


Bandcamp is starting what is essentially an integrated Kickstarter-like vinyl pressing service for its members. Offer an lp for sale, and once enough people purchase it Bandcamp will press and ship out the records. Bandcamp says the new service will eliminate the risk and hassle typically associated with a vinyl record run. Sounds like a good idea to us. You can learn more here.

TRACK OF THE MONTH / april 2019: Shadow Puppets by Music Orange

This month...Tropical sounding chimes set a relaxed vibe for "Shadow Puppets," an apt title for an alluring instrumental that sounds like it could accompany a modern-day take on Balinese shadow puppet theater. The plucked string notes dance and flutter around core cello arrangements that envelope the song without dominating it. Throughout this piece, sublime percussion parts provide a jubilant rhythm.

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Check It Out: David Gilmour to Auction Off His Personal Guitar Collection by Music Orange


On June 20, 2019, legendary guitarist David Gilmour of Pink Floyd will be auctioning off more than 120 guitars from his personal collection, including Fender Broadcasters, Esquires, Telecasters and Stratocasters. There will be a preview the week before the auction, and bidding is expected to start at $300. We assume final prices will be on the pricey side, but it’s a chance to own a piece of history plus all proceeds go charity. Check it out here.

TRACK OF THE MONTH / march 2019: I Belong to You by Music Orange

This month..."I Belong To You" begins as a simple serenade - just some soft chords strummed on a guitar. But when sparse piano notes trickle in alongside pronounced percussion and lilting strings, the dynamic changes from solo serenade to acoustic ensemble, making for a lush and romantic piece of music. Add in a glockenspiel and the mood changes again from amorous to playful.

You can hear this one in the AMERICANA section of The Music Orange Library Online (MOLO).

Things We Like: VinylHub by Music Orange


VinylHub is the largest database of brick-and-mortar record stores out there. You'll likely find some local shops that you didn't know existed, and it's a great resource if you'll be traveling to another city or country and want to do some record shopping while you're there. It also lists record events such record fairs, record parties, and record discounts. If you're a record collector it's a very valuable resource!

TRACK OF THE MONTH / february 2019: Nova by Music Orange

This month...Taking its cues from 21st century Southern Rap production styles, “Nova” opens with mellow, undulating synth and piano tones, setting a chilled-out vibe. After the slow pulsing thump of the bass drum drops alongside a gated rimshot, it’s easy to imagine Travis Scott or Migos adding their magic over this smoldering instrumental track. 

Find this one filed under HIP HOP...URBAN in The Music Orange Library Online (MOLO).

Things We Like: by Music Orange


Ryan Richardson of Austin, Texas has taken it upon himself to digitize the entire catalog of Rock Scene magazine (1973-1982) and we're glad he did. Rock scene was a music rag that was a little cooler than some of its contemporaries such as Hit Parader, Creem, and Circus. It featured short articles and numerous photographs of most of the early glam, rock, and punk bands of the period; David Bowie, Roxy Music, T. Rex, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Sex Pistols, KISS, etc. Check it out!

TRACK OF THE MONTH / january 2019: Fortified by Music Orange

This month..."Fortified" is both tough and melodic. It begins by building on layers of different rhythmic textures - finger snaps mix with bubbling notes before an old school 1990s flavored production drops big booming beats, bolstered by a bass that could rattle the windows of a car (with a decent sound system). The melodic hook eases into the song with the confident cadence of a double dutch jump rope champion.

You can find "Fortified" in the HIP HOP...URBAN section of The Music Orange Library Online (MOLO).

TRACK OF THE MONTH / december 2018: Heat Wave by Music Orange

This month..."Heat Wave" is a perfect name for a tune that kicks off with the warmth of a vintage electric guitar riff. But it's the feverish groove that gets the temperature rising with cowbells, congas, shakers and timbales. Everything about this jam sizzles - the heated horn section, the peppery backing vocals, and a bass-line that bounces around like it's dancing barefoot on hot cement.

Find this one filed under ALT lATIN...SKA in The Music Orange Library Online (MOLO).

TRACK OF THE MONTH / november 2018: Deluxe by Music Orange

This month...The trill of the piano keys, the slightly stuttered beats, the cooing synth notes, and the deep tranquil tones of a cello -- all this comes together to create a very soothing listen. Another quality that helps make "Deluxe" so relaxing is the balance between traditional instruments and electronic production.

Find this one filed under INDIE...ALTPOP in The Music Orange Library Online (MOLO).

A Handy Guide to Stringed Instrument Tunings by Music Orange



Common: B-E-A-D-F#-B

Also: A-D-G-C-E-A and C-F-A#-D#-G-C


4-string: E-A-D-G

5-string: B-E-A-D-G

6-string: B-E-A-D-G-C




6-string: E-A-D-G-B-E

7-string: B-E-A-D-G-B-E


Open A: E-A-C#-E-A-E or E-A-E-A-C♯-E

Open B: B-F♯-B-F♯-B-D♯

Open C: C-G-C-G-C-E

Open C6: C-A-C-G-C-E

Open D: D-A-D-F♯-A-D. To make playing minor chords easier, tune the F# to F instead.

Open E: Use open D tuning and capo the second fret

Open F: F-A-C-F-C-F

Open G: D-G-D-G-B-D - To sound like Keith Richards, remove the lowest string or tune to G–G–D–G–B–D


Drop B: B-F#-B-E-G#-C#

Drop D: D-A-D-G-B-E

Drop C: C-G-C-F-A-D

Double Drop D: D-A-D-G-B-D


DADGAD or Celtic: D-A-D-G-A-D


Standard D: D-G-C-F-A-D

Nashville: This is just standard tuning, but replace the E-A-D-G strings with lighter gauges (you can get them from a 12-string set) and tune these strings an octave up.

Nick Drake: C-G-C-F-C-E - Capo on the second fret




Standard: C-G-D-A

Chicago Tuning: D-G-B-E

Guitar Tuning: A-D-G-B

Irish: G-D-A-E 


Soprano or concert: G-C-E-A, usually with the 4th string G tuned an octave higher so that it’s a major second below the A string.

Tenor: G-C-E-A, usually with the 4th string G tuned so that it’s a major ninth below the A string.

Baritone: D-G-B-E

TRACK OF THE MONTH / october 2018: Night Music by Music Orange

This month...What is it about “Night Music” that begs for loosening that necktie or stepping out of those heels? Maybe it’s the glassy piano notes that trickle into the song like ice cubes in a tumbler. Or it could be the atmospheric swells of the string section, playing a relaxing melody. Then again, perhaps it’s the sublime textures of the brushed snare drums. Whatever it is, “Night Music” is equally relaxing and elegant.

And you can find it in the COCKTAIL...TV RETRO section of The Music Orange Library Online (MOLO).

Our Favorite Gear: Skreddy Echo by Music Orange


The Skreddy Echo by Skreddy Pedals has been getting a lot of use around the studios lately. Designed to sound like an old Echoplex, you can get everything from authentic sounding vintage slapback to weird shimmering delays. We've been using it on everything from guitars to keyboards and this thing really shines.

TRACK OF THE MONTH / september 2018: Midnight Run by Music Orange

This month...You can just tell that "Midnight Run" is going to set an uplifting tone, right from the opening electric guitar riffs and elevating beats. The synthesizers come in with neon tones, sounding like the 1980s never went away - fans of the golden age of synths will feel right at home. The robotic vocals help transform the tune into a timeless party anthem.

Find this one filed under DANCE...ELECTRONICA in The Music Orange Library Online (MOLO).

TRACK OF THE MONTH / august 2018: Weekend by Music Orange

This month...The aptly titled "Weekend" opens with the bouncy notes of keyboards played to approximate a carnival calliope. It almost sounds vintage until some similarly playful beats start popping like kettle corn. This cool contrast of timeless tones and fresh rhythms is balanced by a vocal melody that gives "Weekend" its youthful exuberance.

Find this one filed under DANCE...ELECTRONIC in The Music Orange Library Online (MOLO).