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Check It Out: Bandcamp to Start a Vinyl Pressing Service by Music Orange


Bandcamp is starting what is essentially an integrated Kickstarter-like vinyl pressing service for its members. Offer an lp for sale, and once enough people purchase it Bandcamp will press and ship out the records. Bandcamp says the new service will eliminate the risk and hassle typically associated with a vinyl record run. Sounds like a good idea to us. You can learn more here.

Check It Out: Spitfire's 2018 Reverb World Cup by Music Orange


The guys from Spitfire Audio posted their 2018 "Reverb World Cup" where they do a blind listening test on various software and hardware reverbs. The least expensive is the $50 Valhalla reverb plugin; the most expensive is the $16,000 TC Electronic TC6000 hardware unit. The list of reverbs they compare is by no means complete so do not look at this as a recommendation on what reverb to buy, but the exercise is still worth watching. The results are not as straightforward as you'd expect. Check it out here.